What To Do After Recent Earthquakes

recent earthquakesLearning what to do after recent earthquakes are important for everyone particularly they who are living around areas that prone to earthquakes. In some ways, it is highly essential for everyone to know about what to do during or after an earthquake. It is not only that you will be able to survive during or after the disaster, but also to stay alerted when something bad happens. Now, let’s learn some activities that we need to do after a recent earthquake.

What To Do After Surviving For Recent Earthquakes

The first thing you must do after surviving from an earthquake is checking yourself as well as others people around you for injuries. If you are in very good condition, you can provide first aid for everyone who needs it. The second thing is checking gas, electric lines, and water for damages. If you find that there are some damages after the recent earthquakes, shut off all the valves. Then, when you smell gas, you should immediately open all windows and doors then leave the room as soon as possible. The third thing you should do is staying out of any damaged building.

Next, you should turn on your radio in case there is something important aired due to the earthquakes. In this situation, it is better for you to not using any phone except it is an emergency. Moreover, you should be careful of broken glass, debris or even chimneys which may fall down. If you are on the beach, it is crucial for you to stay away in case tsunami follows the earthquake you have experienced before. Then, if you are at work or school, it is better for you to follow an emergency plan or to follow the person in charge if an emergency situation happens. For more information about the earthquake, you can visit http://www.whatcausesearthquakes.com.

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