Trending Hairstyles For Man

trending hairstylesIn some ways, women always have so many options for their hairstyle and colors. However, it does not mean that men do not have numerous options as lots as women. Nowadays, trending hairstyles for men is also varied which then providing so many choices for every man who wants to appear stylishly with their new hairstyle. In this year, it seems like highlight and color combination becomes hot among trendsetter. This trend also comes in the same way for man hairstyle. Now, let’s see some male hairstyles that become trends in 2017.

2017 Trending Hairstyles For Man

When it comes to new hairstyle for man, mid fade hairstyle seems to be trending among man. This hairstyle is quite popular during the last few months. By applying highlight and new color combination in your hair, you will surely discover such a fresh look in your face. For instance, to get the most of this trending hairstyles, you can apply golden blonde as highlight while leaving the other in black or another dark color. Moreover, there is also pompadour that becomes popular nowadays. This hairstyle is typical of undercut hairstyle which continues to gain popularity this year. It is able to create a manly look to your face.

In addition to mid fade and pompadour, there is quiff hairstyle which seems alike to pompadour hairstyle. However, this hairstyle is supposed to make your hair going forward rather than backward like a pompadour. You can make it even stylish by applying the suitable hair color and highlight. For instance, you can try applying ash gray in your hairstyle and then combine it with lighter highlight. Then, you can also consider about fringe hairstyle when it comes to hairstyle in 2017 trend. This hairstyle is surely able to give you such stylish appearance. That’s all several trending hairstyles for a man in 2017.

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