Having Tea Times Daily

Health careSince many years before, people around the world like to take tea as their daily drinks. This drink can be served at breakfast or dinner. The flavor is unique which can release people stress. There are several types of tea, it could be black tea, green tea, and aromatic tea. Basically, all tea using the same leaves but the difference of these types is related to the whole process to make the products. Tea contains a high level of antioxidant which is useful to support human health. Of course, everything, if taken too much, will cause a bad effect in the body, including taking too much tea is not suggested because can push the kidney to work hard. But, taking tea daily twice per day is still good.

Why People Likes Having Tea?

People like to take tea because it is light to drink. It means, the taste is not strong but still possess the capability to be identified as specific flavor. During breakfast, people prefer to drink the black tea. It is because of the high level of caffeine. This material is useful to open the blood vessels. As the result, after drinking it people will feel fresher and full of spirit. Meanwhile, for the supper or dinner time, green tea is preferable since it contains caffeine lower than black tea. Somehow for special occasions, people can choose to drink aromatic tea such as hibiscus, chamomile, or lemon tea which contains extra nutritional and aromatic value based on the additional component.

In addition, people can mix tea with sugar or milk as the modification in serving this fresh drink. When people are frightened to get fat when they drink a lot, it is important to take tea without sugar. Sometimes it becomes realistic to change the sugar with artificial material which is free calories. Through this way, people can enjoy tea on many occasions they have nicely.

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