Some Yoga Poses As Migraine Remedies

Health lifeDo you often have a migraine? Then what remedies you choose? As we know that migraine can be one of the problems which are commonly faced by many people. Thus, in order to heal it, actually, you should avoid the food causing migraine like gluten. Besides, getting plenty of water can be a good idea as well to heal the pain. After that to make it complete, what to do is doing yoga.

Talking about yoga itself, you may have been so familiar with it. As we know that there are many benefits of doing yoga like losing weight, reducing stress and also healing migraine. For those who want to do yoga to heal it so knowing the yoga postures to reduce the pain of a migraine becomes a very good idea. Here you can do it by yourself at home when a migraine has attacked.

  1. Forward Virasana

The first posture is called as forwarding virasana. In this yoga posture, you should kneel and lower the heart to the earth. With the best pose, you do here of a course migraine be healed.

  1. Adho Mukha Svanasana

Also known as downward dog pose, this yoga posture can be effective to reduce the pain of a migraine. Indeed with the right pose of it, your migraine can be better with adho mukha svanasana.

  1. Prasarita Padottanasana

In the third one is prasarita padottanasana. In this yoga posture, what to do is you do a wide angle standing forward bend. If you like this pose, you can just choose it.

  1. Uttanasana

Moreover, there is uttanasana. In this yoga posture, a standing forward bend will be done. Here it is very nice to help people to relieve the pain of a migraine. By doing the yoga posture, the problem of a migraine then will not be something you should worry anymore.

Granola As The Healthy Food

Health lifePeople nowadays are attracted to the healthy life easily. All of them are trying to live healthy by doing exercises and consume healthy foods. Many of them are obsessed to live the healthy life. Because of the people who’s getting the love the healthy foods. That is why many restaurants offered a new recipe that good for your body. The most famous is a restaurant that served the guest with a bowl of nutrition’s that human body needed. In one bowl, you could find granola, slices of any fruits, and non-fat milk or yogurt. This type of foods is really good and delicious. As the dishes being famous, the granola as the main ingredients in that bowl also being famous too and searched by many people. But what is granola?

Granola is a food contains oat and nuts that good for your bodies. Those nuts and oats are definitely contained high fiber that needed by your body. The high fiber in granola is very good for your digestion, avoid high cholesterol, could control your blood pressure and it’s could make your feelings full longer time than you are eating bread. It is a perfect choice to being mixed with any ingredients that also good and healthy for your body. As the many benefits that you got, granola is being the first ingredients that searched by many people whose tried to live healthier.

Granola also delicious and it is easy to mix with any other ingredients like low-fat milk or even the fruits. You can also buy granola and make your own dishes in your home. For those people whose love for eating snacks but afraid to get fat. Granola could be mixed in with the dough of your cookies. The cookies with the main ingredients granola will be healthier and safe to eat.

Diet With Food Combining

Health lifeFood combining is a way to keeping on your diet without being hungry. This theory is combined wit with the needs of the body for the morning, day and night. The balance arrangement of the food that you need to consume will make your body healthier and good results for your digestion system. Food combining isn’t only just mixing the carbo with protein but also combined with high fibrous food, rich in vitamins. Actually, food combining is having a same term with the 4 health 5 perfect things. But food combining is more focusing to the effectiveness of the nutrient absorption into the body. The unique of this diet is you can’t have carbo, protein and your fruits or veggies in one time. So you need time to absorb the nutrients to your body.

The first thing you should watch is that you need to consume fresh food and organic and avoid food with the cooking process. So it better to have the fresh vegetables and fresh fruit as your main menu. Don’t worry to get hungry because you’re okay with consuming the carbo and protein. All you should do is avoid can foot and MSG. Then consume your food following to your natural cycle from your body. Keeping the balance of the alkali inside your body. In food combining you don’t need to have a measurement of the food. You can eat freely as long as the combination are matching and not eating all of the food at the same time. Doing diet might make you a little worried but to make your life healthier you need to sacrifice a little so that you are doing the diet habitually. Don’t be too exaggerated. Just let it flow and enjoyed the process of the diet. You’ll know and feeling the benefit as you getting older.

Sterilize Baby Tools

Health lifeDo you have a baby? Or maybe you are going to have a baby? You should know that babies are so weak and the immune is not as strong as adults. That is why, as the adult, you should take care of baby’s health well. If you really love your baby, you should know all the information and tips to sterilize or clean all the baby tools and toys. So, you can read the next information about this baby tools sterilization as the following.

Baby tools such as milk bottle, toys, spoon, plate, clothes and so on are very important to always be clean and sterile. How to make those things always clean? There are so many dangerous germs and the virus that may endanger your baby’s health. That is why you need to buy sterilizer that is easily found in the market online or not online nowadays. In the past, people will use boiled water to clean the baby tools. However, the sterilizer nowadays will be more effective than boiled water on the stove. You should not skip this important information. You know, there are many cases where babies are sick until pass away just because the parents are not caring about the baby tools sterilization.

So, before you do the same dangerous thing to your baby; you should clean all the baby tools before use. If your baby starts to the bit and puts anything in her or his mouth; you should be more careful and watch the baby better than before. Do you have other tips and ideas to clean the baby tools and make them sterile to use? You can share it with other mothers around the world now. Well, that is all the tips and information for you moms. I wish the information will be helpful and useful for people.