Diet With Food Combining

Health lifeFood combining is a way to keeping on your diet without being hungry. This theory is combined wit with the needs of the body for the morning, day and night. The balance arrangement of the food that you need to consume will make your body healthier and good results for your digestion system. Food combining isn’t only just mixing the carbo with protein but also combined with high fibrous food, rich in vitamins. Actually, food combining is having a same term with the 4 health 5 perfect things. But food combining is more focusing to the effectiveness of the nutrient absorption into the body. The unique of this diet is you can’t have carbo, protein and your fruits or veggies in one time. So you need time to absorb the nutrients to your body.

The first thing you should watch is that you need to consume fresh food and organic and avoid food with the cooking process. So it better to have the fresh vegetables and fresh fruit as your main menu. Don’t worry to get hungry because you’re okay with consuming the carbo and protein. All you should do is avoid can foot and MSG. Then consume your food following to your natural cycle from your body. Keeping the balance of the alkali inside your body. In food combining you don’t need to have a measurement of the food. You can eat freely as long as the combination are matching and not eating all of the food at the same time. Doing diet might make you a little worried but to make your life healthier you need to sacrifice a little so that you are doing the diet habitually. Don’t be too exaggerated. Just let it flow and enjoyed the process of the diet. You’ll know and feeling the benefit as you getting older.

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