Curious Of Who Views My Facebook Profile

who views my facebook profileSince information technology becomes borderless, it has a straight impact with the increasing of social media site. However, much social media provides the special application which is suitable to be installed on the smartphones. One of the most popular sites is Facebook. The users of this application are separated from kids, teenagers, and adults. They like to have a Facebook account since it offers the easiness in using. But, somehow one problem appears and becomes common, that is to get to know who views my Facebook profile frequently.

Why People Curious To Know Who Views My Facebook Profile?

Even though people have locked their accounts strictly and confidentially so that only people they want to know getting their pages, it does not reduce the curiosity to know who views my Facebook profile frequently. There are two basic reasons why they wonder this matter. First reason, they want to get connected with someone they know, but indeed they have not been friends at this social media. It is not debatable that many people share many photographs, event, information, and business need through this popular application. Still, it is used over crossed nation, the users can be connected along even they live in different countries.

On the other hand, people want to know who views my Facebook profile because they hate to be seen by stalkers and someone they do not know. Since more than one billion users are available, it is become possible to search new friends through this application. However, the cybercrime potentially happens because the presence of this application no matter would that means. The kidnapping, sex abuse, fake shop, and human trafficking can be started by having connected with bad users. Thus, people discretion is required avoiding the bad effects caused by the social media connection.

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