Best Game to Play on Your Android

Online HackAre you a game’s addict? Then what game you have already played until now? Well if you are a gamer, then you should be lucky with the appearance of Android in this era. By having this Android then everything will be easy, and of course, it will be such a paradise for the gamers because you can play several attempted games exist in Android. Now, there are many games which are intentionally released for Android users, so if you have your Android then go playing the game now. You can download the game free without any payment; all you need to have is the internet connection only.

Badland, The Recommended One

Then, what games which are recommended for Android users? Here we go, you will know several games you should play on your Android. The games which are at the top will be many. First is Badland. This game is a combination between platformer and adventure. In this game, you will play a role as a tiny human who should pass the test, obstacles in each level.  Only by using one finger you need to control that tiny human, you should compete in the term of speed with the screen which keeps moving from right to left. If you fail then you should start over again from the start in each level.

This Badland game has already won several awards; one of them is Apple Design Award 2013 as a game with the best visual in 2013. You will be able to play forty levels freely in the Android version. Well everybody knows that sometimes playing the game is frustrating because you feel hard to go to the next level, but you do not worry anymore. Go to this page if you want to get the easiness in winning the game instantly so you can go to the next level fast.

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